Netgear WN3000 Setup


Netgear WN3000 Setup is thin and small and also has a sleek module design. The style of Netgear Wn3000 Setup is elegant that comes with the Netgear Logo, the ivory color of the machine, and the top cover of the piano. The Netgear N300 Range Extender is a wireless range extender that expands the range of the WiFi signals up to 300 Mbps speed as well as eliminates the dead spots where the WiFi signals do not reach.

The users usually face the problems in their workplaces or homes where the network reaches a dead angle and the WiFi connection is not available at some points. The reason can be the limited range of the router, the interruption of the WiFi signals, or unwanted inference of radio signals. But there is one solution to all the issues that are Netgear Wn300 Setup. The setup of the Netgear N300 Range Extender is easy to understand, execute, and install.

Netgear Wn3000 Setup Specifications 

Netgear WN3000 Setup comes with four LED indicators that are placed on the front side of the extender. All these four indicators have different purposes that indicate the data transmission, the working status of WiFi, the current router’s signal strength, and the WPS encryption. If any problem is in the extender, then the indicator also shows a fault.
Netgear WN3000 Setup consists of LAN Port of 100M so that this extender can also be used at the desktop. For more convenience, the Netgear N300 Setup Extender has a Device Reset Key and the WPS One Key Encryption that is set next to the Ethernet Port.
Netgear Wn3000 Setup comes with two high-performance gains of 2 dbi that are Omni-directional antennas and these antennas can fulfill the requirement of WiFi coverage in every corner of the office or house. The prime feature of these two antennas is that the antennas can be rotated into the desired location to achieve the better WiFi speed.
Netgear WN3000 Setup Range Extender requires to be charged up for expanding the WiFi signals coverage, thus, this extender comes with a high-quality power adapter that is compatible with any kind of sockets.
The User Manual Guide of the Netgear Wn3000 Setup contains the information regarding the default username, password, and IP address that is mentioned below the WiFi range extender.

Netgear N300 Range Extender Hardware Features

The LED lights are placed on the front of the Netgear Wn3000 Setup that shows how the extender is working.

  • PC to Extender: The LED light is lit when the range extender is successfully connected to a PC.
  • WPS: This LED light indicates that it is a wireless connection.
  • Link Rate: This LED light indicates a wireless connection between the home router and the range extender. If the LED light is in Amber color, then the connection is good whereas the LED light is in Green color, then the connection is best. But sometimes, the LED light shows Red color that means the connection is poor.
  • Status: This LED light is lit when the range extender is switched on.

But the side panel of the Netgear N300 Wi-Fi Range Extender Setup has the following features:

  • Ethernet Port: With this port, the users can easily connect a desktop or other device that is already described in the User Manual.
  • On/Off Button: With this option, the users can switch on and switch off their device.
  • Factory Reset Button: With this button, the users can easily reset the factory settings of the range extender. The users have to stick a paper clip into the reset hole and hold it till the Status LED flashes.
  • WPS Button: The WPS button allows the users to connect wirelessly to the range extender with the wireless adapter or the WiFi router.

How to Setup the Netgear Wn3000 Range Extender with WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) Method

Netgear WN3000 Setup is simple and easy to understand the setup. With the help of the website, the users can easily configure or install the Netgear Wn3000 Setup with their device and can enjoy the extreme speed of the WiFi connection. Just follow the simple steps to set up the range extender that are the following:

  • Keep the equal distance between the WiFi router and the range extender
  • Plug the range extender into a power outlet and wait for one minute until the Status LED light turns green.
  • Now, presses the WPS Button of the extender and after 2 minutes, press the WPS button on the wireless gateway, router, or access point.
  • But make sure that the Netgear Wn3000 Setup should be connected to the user’s existing WiFi network and the Link Rate LED lights up on the range extender.
  • After that, changes the wireless network name (SSID) of the extender to the user’s existing WiFi network name and put the _EXT at the end of the name. For Example:

Existing WiFi Network Name: NetworkName

New Extender Network Name: NetworkName_EXT

  • Once done, the users can also connect additional WiFi devices to the range extender network. To do so, use the same network security key and set on the existing wireless router or wireless network.

How to Install the Netgear Wn3000 Setup with Web Browser Setup Method

  • Once the range extender is turned on and the Status LED turns green, then use a wireless network manager on the computer to find the network and connect it to Network_Ext (SSID) wireless network.
  • After the connection is established with the computer, the PC to Extender LED light turns green.
  • Now, connect the range extender with the existing WiFi network.
  • Launch the internet browser from the same computer and type the URL in address bar
  • This web address will redirect the users to the onscreen setup guide page.
  • Next, choose the WiFi network from the available list of networks that the users want to extend.
  • Enter the details of security passphrases for the existing network and select an appropriate name for the New Extender Network.
  • Once the users have completed the installation process, then hot on the “Save” button and charge the device.
  • After that, unplug the extender and place the extender at the central place of the home where the users get better the WiFi coverage all over the home or office.
  • Finally, the users can connect their wireless devices to the new extender network.
  • If the users require making changes after using this setup method, they can run the setup guide again.


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