Netgear WN2000RP is a wireless-N extender that has a speed of upto 300Mbps. It can optimize the coverage of your existing wireless network and remove blind spots.

Steps to install the extender WN2000RP

During the process of configuration, the extender and router should be placed in proximity. After the installation is completed, you can move the extender to your desired location. But, make sure that both must be placed within vicinity of each other. Following are the two methods given below to set up extender WN2000RP

Configure via WPS:

* Locate the WPS button on your range extender and then press it.
* Within the same span push the WPS button located on your router.
* Furthermore connect your wireless network using the network name and password.
* You can change the settings of the extender by entering  

* Grab a wireless device.
* Connect to a Wi-Fi network.
* After connecting the PC to Extender light should turn on.
* Enter into the address bar.
* A Netgear Genie page  pops up, seeking permission to proceed for manual configuration.
* Select a Yes or No and then continue.
* Go to your network settings and after that click Continue.
* Your existing wireless network requires password permission.
* It will seek the same security mode and password as which has been used for existing network.
* Go to the my wireless devices which are connected to the extender network button. Select it and hit Continue.                                                                       

Once done, click on finish button.


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