Netgear WiFi Extender Setup is an easy process for setting up the extender devices on the network. Netgear Extender Setup does not require any kind of expertise in the field of networking devices. In the case of other WiFi Range Extender Setup, the users will require any type of technicality whereas, in the case of Netgear Extender Setup, the users have to follow some simple steps which have already mentioned in the User Manual. This makes NETGEAR WiFi Extender Setup different from other WiFi Range Extender Setup.

Netgear Extender Setup

The best part with the NETGEAR WiFi extender setup is that you are no more required to use installation CD for setting up a new NETGEAR extender. It is because of that local webpage enhances your experience with the NETGEAR extender setup in a great way. Using this local webpage address the users are required to follow simple on-screen guidelines to complete the installation process of WiFi Range Extender Setup.

NETGEAR extender setup can be initiated by following any one method among:

  1. WPS method
  2. The manual method or smart wizard.

WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) Method

This method is the most convenient way to configuring up a connection. The WPS button helps the router to search out for authorized devices in the user’s vicinity. Also, this setup method cuts down the requirement of manual login to and type in the wireless passwords. Just follow some instructions that are:

  • Attach the power source to the range extender in the vicinity of the main router.
  • Then, press the WPS button on the extender as well as on the router.
  • Now, check a blinking LED on both your range extender as well as the router.
  • The range extender will indicate 3 solid green lights that confirm the range extender is configured
  • But to check the functionality of the WiFi Range Extender, the users have to log into web address.

Manual Method via Mywifiext Setup Page

If the users are not able to configure their Netgear WiFi Extender via the WPS method, then they can follow the manual instructions for it.

  • Attach the range extender into the power outlet.
  • Then, the users observe a new WiFi network as “NETGEAR_EXT” on their Smartphone or PC.
  • Launch a web browser after choosing this network.
  • This local web address will redirect to the setup page. If not, then type in the address bar of the web browser.
  • Now enter a valid username and password. For it, type “admin” as username and “password” as password.
  • Furthermore, it opens the Genie Smart Setup Page, and here answer the questionnaire to register the account with Netgear.
  • Once you have registered successfully, a list of networks will be shown on the screen.
  • Then, select the home network and click on the “Continue” tab.
  • The system will ask for a network key or password. Enter it and Netgear Range Extender has been installed.
  • The users can unplug it and put a place where they have weak WiFi signals.